During Eid al-Adha, Gazans find little to celebrate

During Eid al-Adha, Gazans find little to celebrate
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Now, due to the lack of electricity and higher costs in the markets, Abdul Aziz has to buy food every day, depending on what is available and what he can afford. But the party isn’t the only thing he’ll miss this year, he said.

“There are family visits and gatherings, money is given to children, new clothes are bought for everyone, sweets are baked, Eid prayers are said,” he said. “None of this is feasible this year. Everyone is sad and has lost someone or something.”

Aya Ali Adwan, 26, had become engaged before the war began. Her wedding, set for February, was postponed, another celebration interrupted by the conflict.

Originally from northern Gaza, she and her family were forced to flee eight times during the war. They are now sheltering in a cramped tent in Deir al Balah, where the heat has approached 95 degrees Fahrenheit, making the tent unbearably hot.

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